Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Letter June 25, 2014

First, I know that the 12 apostles and first presidency are prophets, seers, and revelators. I have been a few feet away from all of them this week many times and they are truly called of God.

And now, some info on my mission president. He is so spiritual and I know that he will do a fabulous job of leading our mission! After speaking with him, I just want to get out into the mission field! Well, only a few more weeks to go. I am now the music chairmen for the branch and I get to do all the music for devotionals and Sunday meetings! What a blessing music is! That is probably the thing I am missing most...I miss being able to just sit down and play the piano. Right now I only get to do that on Sundays! 

I am learning the importance of opening my mouth in courage! If we are shy about this gospel, we can't expect the blessing of heaven! Boldness, courage, and faith are oh so essential if we want the spirit. I have had several experiences this week were I have received revelation to share something in a lesson that changed it and know that we must have the spirit to teach! I am learning that an attitude of happiness is so essential! Smile, have fun, never let fear cloud your faith! 

I am now able to understand most of what is said in lessons and I am able to say almost anything I want in Russian! To be able to speak so fluently in a month...that's a miracle! The gift of tongues doesn't always give us all the words we need but it does bless us and we are able to see amazing progress over time!

I have a testimony that the church is true! I know that through that power of Christ, every aspect of our lives can be improved! I want you all to know that I know that I love you and miss you but there is no where I would rather be! I can't wait for each of you to experience what I am experiencing now! 

Side note, my mission is really musical! In the special choir of 38 people...6 were from the . . . states, more than any other mission! I am so excited to serve there with the amazing missionaries I have met here at the MTC! Another side note, my mission possibly has the most languages spoken in it of any mission on earth. I was told that if they did stake conference would need to be translated into 7 languages! 

I love you all,
Stay strong, be true, serve others, bless lives!
Elder Young 

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